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More About # Beyond The Bridges and The Mission

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This is my mission... This is the story behind Beyond The Bridges.

We need bridges to get from here to there. However, if all we do as we pass over is look to either side and maybe slow down to look below, we only discover what everyone else already knows. Getting off the bridge and getting on or in the water becomes an opportunity to learn something new and likely something very special.

This philosophy isn't only true in exploring the natural world around us. It's also true in life, love, business and just about everything you do. If you just walk past and you don't stop to learn or move off your normal path, you are missing out on everything you don't know exists. Getting beyond the bridges is about learning what you don't know.

How Can You Join My Mission?

I created # Beyond The Bridges to share my stories of discovery with you and inspire you to create your own adventure beyond the bridges. Get out there and explore. Use the hashtag # beyondthebridges to share your stories with me and others. Please share this site's content with others. Help spread the word. Purchasing items from the store helps fund production efforts.

Finally, subscribe to this site and become a member. As we move forward there will be special offers and opportunities for members, so join me and let's go beyond the bridges.

- Mark Brent

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