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Bass Fishing in a Kayak on the Milwaukee River: An Epic Fishing Adventure

My trip down the Milwaukee river starts in West Bend. 

From there the river meanders 

Through farmland and small towns. 

80 miles to the harbor and Lake Michigan.


Most of the townsfolk I meet

Never explore the river beyond the bridges, parks, and other access points. 


The stretches of the Milwaukee I seek lay hidden to most.


Watch this movie on your TV or other device: Begin watching it here, then open your Youtube app on your TV and watch the movie from your history list. This is a 4k video, so the bigger the screen the better the experience. 

Looking for an outdoor adventure movie that will take your breath away? Look no further than The Journey. This kayaking and fishing documentary follows the Milwaukee River as it winds through the heart of Wisconsin, providing a stunning view of nature at its finest. Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman or just looking to get away from it all, this film is sure to please.


Come along for the ride, and experience The Journey.


The Journey features adventurer, kayaker, and fisherman Mark Brent as he traverses the waters of Wisconsin's Milwaukee River. Along the way, viewers will see firsthand the beauty of natural habitats, and witness how modern civilization has impacted this amazing stretch of land. From lush forested areas to giant industrial infrastructure. West Bend to the Harbor and Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. View on Youtube -

The Idea For The Movie

The idea for this journey began a few years back

Stuck in my life

I had lost faith. 


I wandered one day down to the river 

Only a 5 minute walk away.

I started to fish it. 

I wade beyond the access points. 

I get a kayak and paddled up and down stream. 

The river I discovered challenged my perception of the Milwaukee as a muddy river. 

I find instead a rocky bottom with gardens of  vegetation 

Perfect habitat for fat smallmouth bass or its nemesis the pike.


These forays on the river became my mission. And this mission, in simple terms, saved my life.


Consider this story a celebration…

Rivers like the Milwaukee 

Are more than something pretty to look at when we cross over them. 

They are more than a muddy torrent 

That sometimes rises angrily beyond its bank. 

They have flown past us since the beginning of time 

And too often their real value is hidden from public view.


I desired to have the deepest understanding of this river. To feel one with it. 

To use this journey to conquer the funk that had me stuck.

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