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Fishing Swamp Largemouth | East Branch Milwaukee River Part 2

I was all set to go with my buddy Lee on a fishing expedition into a swamp - this trip would be Part 2 of the Milwaukee River State Swamp Area series on the East Branch. Days before, Lee suddenly passed away; leaving me to go alone for our journey into what is arguably Wisconsin’s most difficult natural landscape - an awe-inspiring world untamed and wild in its beauty. But still taking off with determination, I forged through watery depths to pursue the majesty of largemouth bass living among some secret spots deep within East Branch Milwaukee River – solo mission complete!

The wind was still and the air thick with humidity as I waded into a murky corner of the river. Dark shadows of water-logged tree trunks, thick vegetation, and deep muck gave the area a foreboding atmosphere.

In this series I am exploring the upper reaches of the Milwaukee River system. Each part of this series I go into a tight and hidden part of the East Branch of the Milwaukee River to see what I can catch. Smallmouth? Largemouth Bass? Rock Bass? Pike? Chubb?

Check my full documentary on the the Milwaukee River. Last year I kayaked and fished 80 miles of the main Milwaukee River.

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