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Creek Fishing for Fat Spawning Smallmouth Bass

This was an epic outing for fat spawning smallmouth that ended in a really painful way. WATCH FULL VIDEO to see the surprise ending. My buddy and I headed out to a certain hole on the Milwaukee River. This is a creek and river confluence with fast water on three sides of the hole. We aimed to find us some fat spawning smallies. After some discussion as to where the spawning smallmouth bass might be we ended up going up the creek that poured into that hole creating the confluence.

It seemed a bust right from the start. The water was shallow and there were no holes where a fat female smallmouth bass may like to lay their eggs and get them fertilized by an aggressive little male. Just before we quit the hike up the creek and returned back to the Milwaukee River, we stumbled into some slightly deeper water behind rocks and laydowns.

With some conviction before we started up the creek, I told Lee that there was a good chance the smallmouth in that part of the Milwaukee River would spawn in this creek. Lee was skeptical and I couldn't blame him. The creek at the confluence was barely six inches deep due to a lack of spring rain.

Lee caught the first smallmouth. A real tank. And we didn't look back after that. This may have been the best outing for me this year. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about my stories.

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1 Comment

Frank Mackin
Frank Mackin
May 25, 2021

Awesome content Mark! Love the videos, next time let's see the hook removal! I will show you how to take those out next time Brother!

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