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Kayaking & Fishing | Grafton to Mequon

Kayaking and fishing the Milwaukee River has been tough this year. The lack of spring rain as made navigating the faster moving parts of the river impossible at times. My buddy Scott and I recently made the trip from Lime Kiln Park in Grafton to the Pioneer Road pullout in Mequon. This really became more of a kayaking trip then a fishing trip as we only caught three fish. All large fish! The real adventure beyond the bridges was a kayaking adventure on the Milwaukee River. It was tough. It seemed more grueling than usual and this due to the constant struggle with low water.

It was a beautiful trip and well worth the time on the water. The trip started off sunny. We than ran into some rain and wind. By the end of the trip we were asking ourselves was it worth the time? Yes, it was. Anytime, we can leave our worries and daily concerns behind and spend time beyond the bridges is time well spent. Enjoy the video!

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