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Mark Brent Productions

Paid Content Marketing Promotions

Your business has a story to tell. You know it well. When you present that story to the world you get mixed results. The costs of organic only content marketing seems to be a loss. Let me help you turn that loss into a profit. Drive leads. Increase Sales. Promote a story that beats the algorithms and converts the viewers. Let me introduce you to paid content marketing

What does #Beyond The Bridges have to do with Mark Brent Productions and how does your business benefit? The BTB project is a sandbox where we can workout our ideas and showcase results. 

Are you ready to make paid content marketing work for you?


Content Marketing is as good as your initial plan and your ability to reach both new and loyal audiences.


Show people how your products and services will make them better.


If it can be produced. I can help you produce it. I can augment your efforts or take the lead.

Paid Promos

Take your organic reach to new levels. The internet has gone pay-for-play, but this is not bad news. It's opportunity.

Are you ready to move forward?


Content Marketing Strategy 

Content Marketing is only as good as your plan and your ability to reach new and loyal audiences. A good Paid Content Marketing Strategy is run on these six principles. 

  1. Evaluate your current Content Marketing Strategy - What works, What doesn't?

  2. Define your Organic & Paid Content Marketing Goals, Budget, Desired RoAS, and set your KPIs for measuring success.

  3. Define your Brand, Service, or Product Story and develop a cost effective and manageable production plan and schedule.

  4. Develop a Strategy for elevating your Organic Content with Paid Promos

  5. Test to Success. Refine and Scale.

  6. Evaluate your Data and define Key Pivots at monthly, quarterly, and yearly intervals. Refine and Scale. 

Brand Storytelling

An effective brand story shows how your products and services can turn your customers and clients into their own heroes. I will help you discover how your business can become a valuable asset to the community you serve. I will help you craft that contagious story. And we'll define how that story can be told across all platforms. Social. Web. Email. And YouTube. I have a perfected process for defining a client first brand story that has a proven track record. 

Content and Video Production Services

I have over 15 years experience providing the following production services.

  • Video Promos for Web and Social

  • Video Drone Flyovers and Marketing Shots view Drone Video Promo

  • Live Streams

  • Product Explainers

  • Video Series

  • Feature Productions

Examples of Production Work Completed

Paid Content Marketing Promos

Take your organic reach to new levels. The internet has gone pay-for-play, but this is not bad news. It's opportunity. A


Services are contracted for a minimum of six months. It is preferable to do a year. It takes six months to a year to see real results. Contracts start at $3000* per month and vary up or down depending on exact nature of services provided.

*your fee includes seed money to run paid media campaigns on your behalf


Five Step Process to Success

Here is the five step process I manage and execute with your internal team.

  1. We evaluate your current brand story and content strategy for strengths that we can build on.

  2. We tighten your brand story and set six month and one year content, sales, brand awareness goals and KPIs.

  3. We establish a quarterly production and publishing schedule with clear  milestones.

  4. We launch organic and paid media campaigns to boost organic reach. 

  5. We reevaluate at key milestones and pivot the strategy as needed while always having a working strategy and clear goals defined.


What People Say

Read many more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Faith Rosenwald, Brand and Content Strategist

It is rare that you’ll find a trail-brazing creative with a marketer’s brain. I was always impressed by Mark’s data-driven nature and ability to use obstacles as opportunities for growth and exploration. Mark also championed those around him to be their best selves. If you’re looking to work with someone who radiates fresh ideas and has a strong vision, work with Mark!

Are you ready to move forward?

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