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Visit Milwaukee Interview

Visit Milwaukee reached out for interview to get to know more about "The Journey", why this movie was created, and who is Mark Brent? You can read the whole interview here.

Watch The Journey Now

VISIT Milwaukee: Please give us a quick bio including how you got so interested in fishing and the outdoors.
Mark Brent: I grew up fishing with my father. It was one activity we shared together, and I’ve always been inspired by his extreme dedication to fishing. He would fish from sunup to sundown, never leaving the water. He brought his great work ethic to fishing. I caught that bug - pun intended.
I have always enjoyed extreme activities, jumping out of planes, hiking back country for weeks on end, racing downhill mountain bikes, and as I got older and some of these activities became too much for my body to handle, fishing and kayaking became really attractive to me again. By day I am an internet marketer currently working for the Buy Box Experts Agency. I sit in front of a computer all day, getting out on the water gives me balance and serenity.

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