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Kayaking and Fishing in Grafton, WI

On this kayaking and fishing trip I visit a section of the Milwaukee River in Grafton that began my obsession with the river and the smallmouth bass and pike that can be found. It’s now post spawn and my guess is that I will have to kayak up river from my kayak put in to find the Smallies I seek. This part of the river is above the Grafton dam and is more like a small reservoir and I can kayak against the current to get to the spot where I believe the fish are hanging out to beat the heat. The paddle up river provided me some cool opportunities to observe and interact with the animal life and beauty that the Milwaukee River provides to those willing to get beyond the bridges. I caught a spawning Largemouth Bass (my first ever on the river) and saw spawning carp and a giant snapping turtle on my way to where I knew I’d catch some post spawn smallmouth bass. Once I got into one of my favorite spots just before sunset I was able to catch several Smallies. Some of good size. This turned out to be another amazing adventure on the river.

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